Artist Melissa Jay Craig

Artist Melissa Jay Craig has agreed to be represented by ZIA|Gallery.  We’re thrilled to be representing her handmade book works, and sculptures. Besides being an artist she is a curator, writer, and active advocate of disability rights.  Melissa Jay Craig’s handmade paper book works, sculptures and installations have been exhibited internationally, most notably in Denmark, South Korea, Costa Rica, Mexico and South America.  She is also a curator, writer and a former award-winning professor, who continues to give lectures, classes and workshops at schools and arts centers throughout the U.S. She has been awarded numerous grants and residencies.  “In my work, I imply narratives authored by our beleaguered planet, set forth in a language long overlooked by humanity’s intellectual arrogance.  I perceive this as a language of dichotomy, of adaptation, of infinite cyclical renewal, of double-edged humor, of fierce, disturbing beauty and always, of the ultimate triumph of time.  Her medium of choice is paper made from fibers.  She works with handmade paper specifically for its minimal environmental impact, its utter versatility, its enormous variety and for its deceptive strength contrasted with its perceived fragility. Made from plants, it is a material derived directly from my conceptual catalysts, involving me physically as well as metaphorically in the perpetual cycles that intrigue me.”


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