Opening Night

Opening night receptions provide art lovers the opportunity to meet the artist whose work is being featured by the gallery.  Assuming of course that the artist whose work is being shown is still with us.  Heading off to be part of opening night artist reception is a great way to connect with similar minded individuals.  It’s a great way to connect within the art community, with collectors, and with just plain admirers and friends of the artist and gallery.  Public discourse on the artist work provides the artist and the gallery with immediate feedback to the work, and its presentation.  This is important to both the artist and the gallery.  Especially when the work sells!  ZIA|Gallery curates eight shows per year, with our summer exhibition highlighting all of our gallery artists.  We do try to give each artist at least one show per year, in addition to the summer all inclusive gallery exhibition.  It is very important to us to provide this opportunity to our gallery artists.  By providing eight shows per year it allows ZIA to mix things up for the viewing public, and even more importantly for staff.  If you’ve been to one of our openings you know how enjoyable they are.  We are probably one of the last galleries to provide a catered opening night reception, but despite the expense, we feel it’s an important aspect to enjoying an evening filled with beauty and discourse.  If you’ve never been to one of our events we hope you take the time to sign up for a future invitation and join us for an art filled evening.

Photo Credit: John Vlahakis

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