Miami Basel End Notes

Art Now Miami came to a close on Sunday December 4th.  Four days of non-stop activity centered on our world of art.

Waiting In Line

Artists, collectors, gallerist’s, and the general public all came together for four days in Miami and Miami Beach.  Every night there was some party going on somewhere at one of the multiple art venues.  Our own Art Now venue had back-to-back evening cocktail parties that extended the fair hours.  Celebrity sightings were common.  Joan Allen and the House Wives of New York City all came through our space, with Ms. Allen asking for additional information on several of our artists.  The Housewives were strictly gossiping about each other, as their camera crew filmed them going through Art Now.


Attendance was steady and with each successive day the quality of art fair attendees seemed to improve.  Art Now was a new fair addition to the Miami landscape, and though it wasn’t as busy as the other fairs, it seemed to bring attention to the galleries there.  We most likely will not repeat at Art Now next year.  ZIA will look to attend one of the other fairs next year, as attendance and buying activity seemed stronger at the other venues.  We did plant the flag in Miami for the first time, and we did make connections with buyers from around the U.S., even arranging for one artist to be considered by corporate giant Microsoft’s Gallery curator.  And we did sell art too!


Attending an exhibit such as this was time consuming and taxing for the ZIA staff, not only for those who went, but also for those who stayed behind and kept the doors open at the gallery. Despite the difficulties in pulling off such an event, ZIA will look to attend other art fairs in 2012, with an eye toward building the gallery and artists we represent to the collecting art world.  In the mean time we’re posting additional images from the four days for your consideration.

Collins Avenue





Photo Credits: John Vlahakis

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