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    Tim Liddy

    “With his recent paintings, Tim Liddy has both reasserted the construct of hyperrealist painting and developed a unique advancement of that mode by extending the cultural reality of the indexed original.  Based on the illustrated box lids of vintage board games, Liddy has recontextualized his subject, which evokes the underlying rules of life. Painted on copper or steel in the precise dimensions of the original, the metal is then manipulated to demonstrate the exact rips, stain and tears, even the scotch tape that might be holding the cardboard box together, all accumulated from years of usage. Liddy leaves no possibility of ambivalence, these works speak to a concurrent understanding of their original object identity and to themselves as works of art engaged in historical and psychological dialogue.”
    Dr. Jeff Hughes
    Professor of Art History
    Webster University

    Tim Liddy exhibits across the United States and abroad.  His work has been included in Miami/Basel International Art Fair, Pulse Art- Los Angeles, SCOPE Art Fair, Art Chicago, Affordable Art Fair Singapore, among others.



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