Farrell, Musgrove, Schofield To Show At ZIA

Artists Holly Farrell, John Musgrove, and Matthew Schofield will have an exhibition at ZIA this coming December from the 9th through January 21, 2012.

Matthew Schofield Hamilton 6 x 6

As always we will have an opening night reception on the 9th.  Wine and apps will be served from 5 to 7:30 pm.  Do stop by to meet and greet these exceptionally talented individuals. Holly and Matthew will be coming in from Canada, and John will be arriving from San Francisco.  Each artist obviously likes to approach their visions from different directions.  Mathew is focused on observing the ignored. The overarching theme of his work has been painting images of the unnoticed snapshots and overlooked moments while attempting to order the outcome of random sequences.

Holly’s  paintings were very much a part of the Folk Art tradition – expressive and painted on canvas in a naive or primitive style.  She draws things from her apartment – the day-to-daythings that were part of her everyday life (vintage chairs, antique bowls, vintage teacups,old cookbooks).

Holly Farrell - unknown

John Musgrove paints the fleeting drama and beauty of everyday experience. He is drawn to compositions in which light, shadow, form and color interact to create both balance and surprise.  He paints individual pieces of wood and then assembles them into his final painting, providing a different look and feel to the drama he creates.

John Musgrove Moraga Clouds

We do hope you can all stop by and join us on opening night.  If you cannot make it for opening night, keep in mind that their show will run for six weeks.  And if I have not mentioned, any of their works make for a most excellent holiday gift!  See you soon.

The Art of Acquiring Art

Acquiring art is not an easy decision process, and it depends on which side of the fence you fall on.  On the one side you have buyers who are looking to match the color of the paint on the wall in a room.  Or find a piece that would go well over the fireplace mantel.  On the other side you have individuals that buy art because it means something to them.  It is a more visceral approach to buying art.  It could be that they’ve come to admire a particular artist, or have decided to pursue a certain genre in art.  Collecting art becomes a passion for them.  They buy a particular piece because it appeals to them in an emotional or intellectual manner.  It could appeal to them on both levels as well.  As a Gallerist you never quite know what appeals to a buyer.  Yes, we do have a sense of what may appeal to a buyer, but what appeals to one buyer does not appeal to another.  As a gallery we are always intrigued by why someone buys a piece, but the one word we do hear in these discussions to buy, is that the buyer loves the piece they are interested in.

People ask me on occasion as to which artist should they buy.   I always reply buy what you like.  Do not buy because you think it will appreciate through the roof, buy it because you will enjoy it and value it.  Most buyers we see have a focus on wanting to collect.  Be it a particular artist or genre.  But, I would say they predominantly buy because they love the work they want.  The hardest part sometimes is deciding between several pieces form an artist they really like and enjoy.  Either way always acquire what you love and can appreciate.  Art resonates for all of us.

L 26  Oil Painting By Carl Wilen

Photographer Nevada Wier Joins ZIA

Nevada Wier is an award-winning photographer specializing in the remote corners of the globe and the cultures that inhabit them.  ZIA|Gallery is pleased to announce that Ms. Wier has agreed to be represented by the gallery.  Ms. Wier’s work will be represented at the MiamiNow Art Fair this coming December 1-4.  Nevada’s journeys have taken her throughout Southeast Asia, India, China, Nepal, Africa, New Zealand, Central Asia, Mongolia, South America and other obscure regions of the world. Her work is represented for licensing byGetty and Corbis. Nevada has been published in numerous national and international publications, including:NG AdventureGeoIslandsNational GeographicOutdoor Photographer,Outside, and Smithsonian. She is a Fellow of The Explorer’s Club, a member of the Society of Woman Geographers and was featured in aNorthwest Airlines international television and print ad campaign.  For additional information on Ms. Wier’s work please contact the gallery directly at ziagallery.net

Opening Night

Opening night receptions provide art lovers the opportunity to meet the artist whose work is being featured by the gallery.  Assuming of course that the artist whose work is being shown is still with us.  Heading off to be part of opening night artist reception is a great way to connect with similar minded individuals.  It’s a great way to connect within the art community, with collectors, and with just plain admirers and friends of the artist and gallery.  Public discourse on the artist work provides the artist and the gallery with immediate feedback to the work, and its presentation.  This is important to both the artist and the gallery.  Especially when the work sells!  ZIA|Gallery curates eight shows per year, with our summer exhibition highlighting all of our gallery artists.  We do try to give each artist at least one show per year, in addition to the summer all inclusive gallery exhibition.  It is very important to us to provide this opportunity to our gallery artists.  By providing eight shows per year it allows ZIA to mix things up for the viewing public, and even more importantly for staff.  If you’ve been to one of our openings you know how enjoyable they are.  We are probably one of the last galleries to provide a catered opening night reception, but despite the expense, we feel it’s an important aspect to enjoying an evening filled with beauty and discourse.  If you’ve never been to one of our events we hope you take the time to sign up for a future invitation and join us for an art filled evening.

Photo Credit: John Vlahakis

Artist Melissa Jay Craig

Artist Melissa Jay Craig has agreed to be represented by ZIA|Gallery.  We’re thrilled to be representing her handmade book works, and sculptures. Besides being an artist she is a curator, writer, and active advocate of disability rights.  Melissa Jay Craig’s handmade paper book works, sculptures and installations have been exhibited internationally, most notably in Denmark, South Korea, Costa Rica, Mexico and South America.  She is also a curator, writer and a former award-winning professor, who continues to give lectures, classes and workshops at schools and arts centers throughout the U.S. She has been awarded numerous grants and residencies.  “In my work, I imply narratives authored by our beleaguered planet, set forth in a language long overlooked by humanity’s intellectual arrogance.  I perceive this as a language of dichotomy, of adaptation, of infinite cyclical renewal, of double-edged humor, of fierce, disturbing beauty and always, of the ultimate triumph of time.  Her medium of choice is paper made from fibers.  She works with handmade paper specifically for its minimal environmental impact, its utter versatility, its enormous variety and for its deceptive strength contrasted with its perceived fragility. Made from plants, it is a material derived directly from my conceptual catalysts, involving me physically as well as metaphorically in the perpetual cycles that intrigue me.”