Collecting And Displaying Art

What type of art do you like?  Modern, impressionistic, mixed media, photography, sculpture, etc.  Most of our gallery visitors are a bit stumped by that question.

Michael Cutlip: Recycled 24 x 24 Mixed on Panel

A blank look tends to waif over their faces when asked the question.  Most gallery visitors unfortunately are looking for a piece to compliment their interior décor.  Does it match the paint in the bedroom?  Would it fit perfectly above the fireplace mantle?  It’s too small, or it’s too big may follow the comment about matching colors to the wall.  Price is always a consideration, and for some price is equated with the size of the artwork.  Some consumers equate price of an art piece to the size of the work.  Larger pieces cost more, while smaller ones cost less.  At his point we’re ready to pull our hair out.  In my opinion the best way to buy art is to buy what you like when you see it for the first time.  Your instinct will never fail you.

We’re always delighted when a collector visits.  Collectors are looking at the artwork.  They appreciate the work and effort that goes into creating the piece.

Carl Wilen: Dreams For Sale 14.5 x 15 oil painting

They normally do not buy to match the color of a wall, or to find something that fits the wall they are trying to over.  Collectors follow an artist or gallery, and look for something they can appreciate and intrinsically value.  Showcasing the artwork is the last thing on their minds.  They may have the homes or offices that allow for creating a gallery experience, or they may just hang artwork on every conceivable flat surface in their living space.  It’s not so much about the presentation, but showcasing the variety of work they love to collect to anyone that visits them.  Art is to be shown and appreciated, no matter how you like to hang it.  Keep that in mind the next time you visit us.